Augustina Tyson-Dunne Photography | About

I have always been fascinated by nature and grew up loving documentaries that captured the beauty nature and wildlife offers us. This passion for nature has formed who I am and sparked me to travel the globe to see and capture some of these magnificent places. With photography I find I can focus on each individual frame and how the image I’ve captured moved me. When I photograph animals and insects I find myself looking to find the personal character of that creature so that I can better pull the viewer in. When photographing landscapes I often take an establishing shot of a landscape and slowly step in closer and closer within a scene until I am so close I often fall into the abstract. There is so much beauty we lose in vastness. With my photography I strive to create a desire for the viewer to look closer at nature the next time they have the chance to find some of these elements themselves. For me, if I can help the viewer feel more compassion for nature, I have accomplished my goal as a photographer.